Stomach Stapling Is A Last Resort Measure Intended To Save Your Life

Even after having a stomach stapling only about thirty percent of patients will achieve their ideal weight as categorized by the body mass index. This goes to show that stomach stapling is a last resort measure intended to save your life, not make you look superstar thin. Althought there are some patients who achieve this after they have their stomach stapling. If you work out and stick to your new diet you have every chance of being one of that thirty percent.

On the up side eighty percent of those that undergoe stomach stapling surgery lose weight. This is the reason stomach stapling is widely used and considered effective. People that couldn’t lose weight for years prior to the surgery finally begin to see results after having their stomach stapling. On average the patients who have surgery lose about sixty percent of their overall previous body weight. For many this is the lifesaver. They are still considered overweight according to their BMI but they are healthy, able to move around and often find that they lose previous medical problems. These problems can be, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and muscle and joint pain.

Though you should remember that a portion of those that underwent a stomach stapling and lost excess weight regained that weight in three to five years of their surgery. This is likely due to falling back on old dietary habits, such as eating high calorie foods, and returning to a sedentary lifestyle. Stomach stapling may not always work and give the patient good results. If a patient doesn’t continue to follow or use their dietary guidelines that their doctor or nutritionist provides they will regain weight. The stomach stapling is a tool that’s part of what you need in order to change your life. This is an important thing to remember when considering stomach stapling surgery.

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