Recognizing Blind Spots In Your Fat Loss Program

Have you heard the joke about the person who orders a large cheeseburger and super sized fries and then asks for a diet soda because they are on a diet? Although this is an exaggeration it is a perfect way to explain what we mean by a blind spot. A blind spot is something that can sabotage your weight loss efforts and everyone sees it but you.

Your blind spot may be one of the following or any number of things:

You binge on nutritionally void foods because they are “low fat”

You quench your thirst with diet drinks

Your exercise routine is very ineffective

You only eat out on weekends so you feel you can eat anything you want

You don’t realize you are constantly snacking during the day

These are just a few things to get your mind working on how you may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. More than likely even if we read about our blind spot we won’t recognize it after all, it is a blind spot. So, how do you find out what your blind spots are?

Keep a journal of everything you eat for a month and then evaluate

Ask someone that you can trust and value their opinion

Pay a personal trainer to evaluate your exercise routine

Pay a registered dietician to evaluate your eating habits

Purchase a diet/exercise tracking software and let it evaluate your input.

Recognizing your nutrition and exercise blind spots can help you achieve your healthy lifestyle, and ideal weight goals.

I wish for you the best of health,


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