LA Weight Loss Recipes

LA Weight Loss recipes are part of one of the fastest growing weight loss programs that is currently being used by millions of people to lose weight healthily and safely. The recipes themselves are based around normal every day foods that are part of the users every day life and also foods from the program itself. Simply put, it claims to be an all round complete and successful way to lose weight.

Anyone on a diet or weight loss program has been conditioned, well before they even start the program, to believe that the diet they are following will be restrictive, and for want of a better word, boring! Now we all know that as well as being hungry, being bored is one of the classic reasons why many people fail on diets. They find it difficult to cope long term with the required eating habits that they are suppose to follow and really, when you look closely at many of the diets out there, who can blame them. LA Weight Loss recipes are nothing like that.

Unlike many other diet programs the LA Weight Loss recipes are interesting and are not bland or one dimensional. Therefore believe it or not you get to eat strawberry shortcake on this program. Yes it might consist of some slightly different ingredients to what you would normally use, but strawberry shortcake it is nonetheless.

So here’s how you would go about making this lovely little dish. Get a handful of small strawberries , a rice cake, a tablespoon of lemon juice and one of the LA Weight Loss drink mixes. The preparation to make up this shortcake is pretty simple and straight forward. Drop the rice cake in a bowl, wash and prepare the strawberries before placing them on the top of your rice cake and all you then do is pour the LA Drink over the strawberries and leave it to set.

Love sweet and sour chicken? Well as LA Weight Loss Recipes go, the sweet and sour chicken is up there with the most indulgent and exotic. Consisting of one protein, two vegetables and a fruit group, this recipe is a pretty simple one to follow and prepare. Simply get together about 8oz of boneless and skinned chicken breast, a green or red pepper, 3 green onions, some red wine vinegar, cornstarch and some tomato ketchup. Cube some fresh pineapple, add some chopped tomato and some chicken broth and some nonfat cooking spray.

The preparation is now all about making the food quick to cook using a wok and that means cutting the chicken and the vegetables into thin strips or pieces. Using the cooking spray first the vegetables are stir-fried and then the chicken. The next step is to add the other ingredients to the wok and to add the taste to this meal.

So as you can see, the recipes you can utilize on this program are based on classics that we all know and love and really that’s why this program is the hit it is!

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